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ArchivesRSS Battlefield 4 - free online version

J4mmer, Oct 14, 12 9:52 AM.

Battlefield 4 free online version - same commercial model as CF, its free, you earn experience points which you can use to purchase upgrades, or, u can deposit funds and buy credits and get 'upgraded' weapons and kit.

I played solidly for two days to check it out, you need to improve weapons from starter kit, but once you do, its fine.

I highly recommend that people use the Engineer character to begin with - (RPG gives more capabilility against tanks, APC's etc)

Get on it for some serious fun with a 25 ping   /////

4v4 v PinkBronnies

J4mmer, Sep 27, 12 9:30 PM.
We had a  4v4 S&D with PK's PinkBronnies yesterday - we won  both rounds 9/6  9/3



J4mmer, Sep 26, 12 7:28 PM.
As of September 30 Clan members not signed up to site will be removed from the clan - As the clan has grown in size running it becomes more difficult for Lt's, hence the site, which also offers the chance to run events etc etc.

For clan Lt's this means a constant barrage of questions at a time when they are on the server for gameplay - many of the questioners are insistent,  even if Lt is in game, an immediate answer is demanded !

All the info you need is on the clan site - if its not, use the clan site to ask your questions

So many people said they really wanted into clan - then they arrive in clan and contribute nothing and don't follow the few clan rules we have.

This will no longer be tolerated.

Some Facts:  
The clan site is safe.  It is operated by Guild Portal - unique identifying info is NOT pushed thru to our clan site - in site email, identifying headers are stripped out.

It is best of you use your clan IGN when setting up your account - this is because the system DOES push thru user data (scores/posts etc) using your site Login as opposed to your 'character' names (character is the sites term for your CF IGN) - this can be confusing (cos we only relate to IGNs)

If you are reading this, you have obviously signed up.  
Go to Members area, check list for your friends.  If you find friends are not signed up, get them moving, because on October 1st they will no longer be in this clan.

There will be no exceptions !

3v3 Comp Update

J4mmer, Sep 21, 12 7:45 PM.

The tournament draw we use for the comp requires 8 teams, we can only make 4 teams from the current entries.  We will hold over entry to the comp until we have the 8 teams required to make the comp work and be a proper tournament.

As the matchplay will require interaction with the site, and to date members have not done this effectively, we will hold some small matches/comps  in the meantime to increase familiarity.  Members should note that clan Lt's are NOT here to provide a running commentary to members and answer all and any questions.

If you have a question, use the site to ask it, we have forums.  If you need comp info, ask in the forum for the comp.  If you have an idea, use the site to suggest it.  This way ALL users get the info, not just a few who wer in the game at the time, and also, Lt's won;t have to repeat the same info over and over again.

We expect clan members to use the site and interact with the clan through it.

Once these two matters are addressed -
- the number of entrants, and
- the use of the site by members, THEN we will have reached the stage where we can have this tournament ... finally !

Last Day to Enter 3v3 COmp

J4mmer, Sep 15, 12 8:13 PM.

Today is the last day to enter the 3v3 S&D competition.

We currently have 14 entrants, of which a few are only tentatively available - we need an even number of teams if possible - Eg. 6 teams of 3 or 8 teams of 3.

Get onto your clan mates and get them signed up.

The Comp is likely to be compressed into one block of time, we start, and continue until the winning match completed (with some breaks between matches as required).

We will have trial matches this week to ensure everyone understands how the comp will flow and what obligations each team will have.

When sign-up close and draw is complete i will post a running sheet for teams detailing how to advance through the competition (and document team progress).

So one push to get entrants - If you are having technical problems, let a clan Lt know to ensure you don't miss out.
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